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Mobile PC Extended Battery Life (EBL) Working Group is an industry group dedicated to accelerating the achievement of all-day battery life. The group inception was announced in October 2002 with support from our members.

To address industry's common challenges by establishing the guidelines for the measurement of mobile PC battery life and component power consumption and lowering the barriers for the acceptance of new technologies benefiting battery life. To harness the collective power of the notebook computer industry to breakthrough notebook battery life barriers by setting direction for the greater industry and promoting battery life.

•  Undertake research as needed to provide data for direction setting
•  Create recommendation documents to guide notebook technology and component suppliers
•  Refrain from developing or requiring specific solution implementations
•  Provide training and marketing and PR support to further the Working Group's goals

EBL Working Group Comprises Four Sub-Groups:
1)  Battery Life Definition and Usage Models Sub-group
      •  Usage models based on world-wide end-user research
      •  Battery life reporting standards based on world-wide end-user market research
2)  Platform Supplier Recommendations Sub-group
      •  Guidelines for reducing power consumption
      •  Initial focus on the display and storage subsystems
3)  Power Sources Sub-group
      •  Support for new, emerging, and alternative power sources technologies for
        mobile PCs by providing requirements recommendations guidelines
      •  Comprehending regulatory issues in support of new, emerging,
        and alternative mobile PC power sources
4)  Power Management Utilities Sub-group
      •  Guidelines for creating easy-to-use power management utilities and profiles

Kamal Shah is the Director of System Architecture Management in Intel's Client Computing Group. He is also the Chairman of an industry wide Mobile PC Extended Battery Life Working Group. The group membership consists of PC OEMs, ODMs, and ingredient suppliers.

Kamal has led this group since its inception in 2004. Longer battery life remains a critically important requirement and purchasing criteria for end users. Under Kamal's leadership the group working with broad mobile PC Eco System has made tremendous progress in extending battery life of mobile PCs. Given that extending battery life is a system wide issue, the group focuses on software optimization, storage, display subsystem, SoC, power sources, power delivery, imaging subsystem, energy harvesting, etc.

One of the key achievements of the group has been to accelerate transition from use of CCFL backlight for the LCD displays to LED. Prior to that the group drove 3W display initiative when a typical notebook display was consuming 5W-7W of power.

The group has been active in the area of power sources and collaborated in development of fuel cell guidelines for use in mobile PCs as well as did safety related experiments for the lithium ion battery.

Given the importance of software optimization, the group has been very active in profiling and driving Independent Software Vendor ( ISV) application optimization.

Additionally, to simplify system power measurement, the group has developed a traditional and USB type C based power measurement solution which allows for non intrusive platform level power measurement in minutes. This should prove very useful to ISVs to change their practice from Design->Code->Functional test->Release to Design->Code->Functional test->Test for Power->Release.